3Have you recently had surgery, or are you preparing for upcoming surgery?

At Transform Physio we can offer comprehensive rehabilitation post-surgery for many procedures, including;

  • Knee and Hip Replacements
  • Joint reconstructions of the Knee, Ankle and Shoulder
  • Spinal procedures, including laminectomy and microdiscectomy
  • Arthroscopic “clean-up” surgery of the knee, shoulder and ankle
  • Post fracture rehab of both upper and lower limbs

However, one little known fact is the importance of preparing your body before having surgery. This is what we call “Prehab”.

Many studies have shown that by undergoing an assessment by a physiotherapist before surgery (to identify things such as any strength deficits and muscle imbalances, mobility limitations, postural asymmetry and poor muscle activation to name a few) and correcting these issues prior to surgery, that full rehabilitation is achieved much faster and with fewer complications.

One of the most important aspects of returning to your previous functional level is a committed rehabilitation process, and the sooner you can get started with your physiotherapist the better. We will combine both manual techniques to restore any limitations of your injury, as well as comprehensive exercise programs to ensure you enjoy a full recovery. Our exercise programs will be tailored to your own individual deficiencies to ensure the best result specifically for you.

Remember, surgery is only half the battle to returning to full health!