2Ever get the feeling that the joints in your back or neck are stiff?

Feel like your joints aren’t sitting right, or that you need an “adjustment”?

Part of the treatment provided by the Physiotherapists at Transform Physio involves joint mobilisations and, if necessary, manipulation.

Joint mobilisation is a passive movement of the joint, performed with differing degrees of intensity by your physiotherapist, with the aim to restore function and reduce pain and stiffness to the corresponding area.

Stiff and limited joints also have an effect on the body ability to cope with differing demands, and can place undue stress on muscles and other soft tissue structures when completing everyday tasks. This can often result in pain and discomfort.

For full and pain free movement, your joint’s need to be able to move through the full range of motion to which they are designed for. Our physiotherapists can help to restore this range, and return you to pain free movement as soon as possible.

If we feel that it is indicated, we may also provide a joint manipulation. This is simply a higher grade mobilisation that aims to restore function to the restricted area. This is often referred to colloquially as an “adjustment”, or “having your back cracked.” We always are very gentle when providing these services, and only do so with your consent first and foremost!

Please feel free to contact us for further information regarding these techniques and whether they may be of benefit to you.