Remedial-MassageWe are pleased to offer the following products to help aid with your rehabilitation;

Braces and Supports

Any braces are available on request, depending on your specific need, including;

  • Elbow/Knee/Ankle/Wrist Braces and supports
  • Lower back supports such as lumbar rolls and chair supports
  • Lower back braces (i.e. Sacro-cinch and McDavid)
  • Shoulder supportive braces
  • All sizes of Tubigrip for any compression needs


  • Leukoplast rigid sports tape
  • Hypafix/Fixomull
  • Kinesio Taping

Orthotics and Foot Postural devices

  • Full Range of Vasilyi Orthotics, including Danenberg, Full size and ¾ size
  • Heal raises (4mm and 6MM)

Foam Rollers and Trigger Point devices

  • Foam rollers of varying lengths, including 45cm, 60cm and 90cm
  • Pocket Physio
  • Trigger Point Knob

Resistance equipment

  • Theraband and Theratube
  • Therapeutic putty

We also offer a vast array of home treatment products such as creams and various Hot/Cold packs and modalities, contact us for more information.